What audiences are saying...

"I have been coming to your performances for the last few months and have been truly inspired by your ministry and the local performers you have. I love how straight forward you are and how you don't sugarcoat the truth. That's what I believe too."

"It was great. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to come tonight. I'm going to share this experience with all of my friends and family. The music was unbelievable. I would love to come again. I had a great time and everyone was great. Thank you all so much for doing this. I wish I could show how grateful I am. God bless you all. I accepted Christ tonight! Thank you."

"I'm truly amazed that this incredible ministry is offered free of charge each month. But even more impressed at the way God uses you to touch others. The scripts, acting, the hearts, is so inspired..."

“I found your message encouraging, honest, lovingly presented and from the heart. I was dismayed by the lack of conviction and truth in my church because conviction is said to “guilt” people and we would lose them to hear about Jesus and calling sin…sin. You made an “impact” on me this night. To confirm His truth for our lives may sting, but for betterment. No pain, no gain: that is understood for the physical…but spiritually so many will soften the truth. Thank you for being a friend of Jesus.”

"Very relaxing evening. Beats watching the boob tube! I was especially glad to see you really presented the gospel. Thanks for the hard work.."

"Frank Irace's writing touches the emotions of the audience."

"Good Theatre: Challenging and entertaining."

"Great idea, Great atmosphere, Great talent, Great message!"

"Simply Amazing! Fantastic!!"

"This stuff is powerful!"

"Well written and well presented. Thought provoking."

"Totally awesome!! Very powerful messages! Please continue with this ministry. God Bless you all real good."

"Clean, Comfortable, Classy, Well Done."

"Great venue and very professional... The sketch was both funny and important. Great brownies and coffee, too!. A great deal of work and care obviously goes into Impact Theatre; thanks be to God, and your efforts are appreciated."

"Just sorry it took so long for me to come out and see you! Great job. It was thought provoking, entertaining and overall awesome! Thank you for a wonderful night of Christian Theatre . Please put me on your mailing list."

"Thank you so much!! This was a great night of blessing. Your work, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm is a witness beyond description. Please carry on! I am a first time visitor. I'll be back...with friends."

"What a unique and professional ministry! We had a really good time and appreciated the wonderful hospitality."

"Thank you for a wonderful, significant, impactful theatre production!"

"I had a WONDERFUL time Friday night and the message in your dramas IMPACTED me!...Bless you for doing this great ministry---it is powerful!...You all take excellence to a superb level. I loved the warm, caring touches you put into every aspect of the evening...Tell your team they are awesome as is their great leader! You Rock!!!!!!!!"

"Our dear friends brought us to see your "Without Wax" production in Palmyra recently. I was very impressed by the creativity and the insight represented in your sketches, as well as the skill of your ensemble."